News, Past and Present


New project is in the works to use our Java Scripting Engine as a shebang. In Linux and Unix, a shebang is the character sequence consisting of the characters "number sign" and "exclamation mark" (that is, "#!").

When it occurs as the initial two characters on the first line of a shell script, the rest of the script is executed by the interpreter specified on that line. The JavaBang project will allow Java to be used as shell scripts!


Scripting for Java is a JSR-223 implementation of a ScriptEngine to execute Java statements from within an application like TransformIO. The project produces a JAR that can be used as a embedded library or as an executable to run source code dynamically.


TransformIO, initial working version committed to GitHub. TransformIO is an extract, transform and load tool with three modes of execution: GUI, TUI and CLI.


TransformIO, or TIO for short, is a new project in development. When TIO is released it will be an extract, transform and load tool with three modes of execution:

  1. Desktop Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  2. Terminal Text User Interface (TUI).
  3. Command Line Interface (CLI).

TIO uses a batch file, expressed in XML, to configure:

  1. The record format of the source stream (extract).
  2. An optional transformation using your choice of scripting language:
    1. Bean Shell
    2. Groovy
    3. Java
    4. JavaScript
    5. Jython
    6. Other JSR 223 compliant scripting engines.
  3. The record format of the target stream (load).


On the surface, our Site Hello project is trivial. It builds an application to display a simple salutation. As such, the application can be used as a starting point for any Swing project. It uses one class to launch the application and another to start the GUI. The launcher limits its imports to the standard classloader but the GUI or other classes may use packages loaded by the Java Extension Mechanism. In the event that the extension path is not present, the launcher catches the exception and informs the user with a pop-up dialog.

Under the surface, our Site Hello project is actually about using a terrific open source tool from IzPack to create an installer for any project. Learn how to add a user-friendly installer to your project. Our thanks to the developers at IzPack and See our demonstration page for more.


Patrodyne Site Skin is a custom skin for the Maven Site Plugin. If you use Maven to build your project then, perhaps, you are using the site plugin to generate a project web site. If not, but you would like to build a web site to describe your project, review the Maven Site Plugin and come back to learn what our custom skin can do for you!


Our site is new and content is currently limited, but feel free to check back and see what we have to offer.