Custom Color Scheme

Our skin is packaged with the standard cascading style sheets used by the Maven site plugin; however, we modified the sheets to separate the color theme from other structural values. The default color scheme is defined in maven-theme.css.

|-- css
|   |-- maven-base.css
|   |-- maven-theme.css
|   `-- print.css
|-- images
    `-- maven
        `-- site.vm

The Maven Site Plugin supports per-project customization using a sheet named site.css. For our sites, we generate site.css by filtering a template to resolve the color properties. In the layout below, templates/css/site.css contains properties, such as @clr.primary-1@. The syntax conforms to an Ant filterset. In this example, we use maven-antrun-plugin to process the template using properties contained in properties/css/

The palette is an accented analogic color theme. This theme has four color sets: a primary set, two secondary sets and a complementary set. Each set has five colors of the same hue where the last two are lighter than the first three. Generally, we use the lightest complement hue for our background because it contrasts well with the primary and secondary colors. Each color scheme file is named after the complement #5 hue.

The properties and templates folders contain the files used to generate the actual site.css, when the mvn site goal is executed.

`-- site
    |-- apt
    |   `-- index.apt
    |-- fml
    |   `-- faq.fml
    |-- properties
    |   `-- css
    |       `--
    |-- resources
    |   |-- css
    |   `-- images
    |       `-- logos
    |           `-- yourlogo.png
    |-- site.xml
    `-- templates
        `-- css
            `-- site.css

Sample Color Palettes

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